Magic Johnson was a guest on Conan on Tuesday night, and during his appearance, he played a game of HORSE with Conan O'Brien. We don’t want to ruin the surprise by telling you who won the game, but, well…let’s just say the final result wasn’t really a surprise.

Despite the obvious outcome, there were still a few moments throughout the hilarious game of HORSE that will make it well worth your time. At one point, Conan pulled out a pull skimmer for one of his shot attempts, which prompted Magic to make fun of the way the comedian runs. At another point, Magic broke out his legendary sky hook shot, which resulted in Conan doing his own not-so-legendary version of it.

And at around the 3:40 mark of the clip above, Conan went all-out to try and gain an advantage over Magic. He sparked up memories of the old Magic vs. Larry Bird rivalry by pulling out a Bird mask for one of his shots. Miraculously, he made the shot he took while wearing the mask, and that meant Magic had to wear the mask as well. It freaked out a lot of people watching at home.

It freaked Magic out, too, as he was completely thrown off by having to wear the mask. "Man, this is the first time I’m wearing a white face here," Magic said.

"This is a strange nightmare I’m having right now," Conan said in response.

"This is gonna be something," Magic said. "I got Larry Bird’s face on as a black man. Wow."

It was all very strange, but the mask didn’t stop Magic from getting a bucket. You can check out Conan and Magic’s entire game of HORSE in the clip above.