When it comes to responding to hecklers, LeBron James is no novice (in fact, here's a quick list to brush up on) and on Thursday night in Portland he added to that rundown by filling a Blazers fan in on some unfortunate news. Now this particular response takes a little bit of concentration to decipher, but it would appear to be legit.

It happened in the second quarter, during the second of two Damian Lillard free-throw attempts, when some guy offscreen shouted "Hey LeBron, where's Kyrie?" LeBron follows with a retort straight out of late-elementary/early-middle school by hitting him with a "At your momma's house" while simultaneously getting into rebounding position. Here, check it out and listen closely:


Fan: “Hey LeBron, where’s Kyrie?” LeBron: “At your mama’s house.” 😂

A post shared by House of Highlights (@houseofhighlights) on Mar 15, 2018 at 9:20pm PDT

Apparently LeBron also liked the House of Highlights IG post that showed the clip, which is probably funnier than his actual response. Now some (me) might argue that Kyrie's response of "suck my d*ck" to a fan who asked him where LeBron was earlier this year was a little better, if not a tad more R-rated (who cares?):

Anyway, the Cavs lost 113-105.