Kevin Hart reps hard for his city. So hard, he drunkenly cussed on national television when a bouncer wouldn’t let him celebrate with the Eagles after they won the Super Bowl. Wanting the best and only the best for Philadelphia, the comedian reportedly asked LeBron James if he’d be interested in playing for his hometown. LeBron is rumored to be in the market for a new team, but according to Hart, it definitely won’t be the 76ers.

TMZ caught up with the comedian, and asked him if he'd tried to recruit James to join the ranks of rookie Ben Simmons and Joel Embiid. Hart apparently asked his all-star friend about moving to the city of brotherly love, but James' response was more than a little disheartening. “He said kiss his ass,” Hart told TMZ. Hart even tried to throw an extra $40 LeBron’s way to sweeten the deal—chump change for two multimillionaires—but no dice.

LeBron is wrapping up his 15th season in the NBA this year, and playing better than ever. On Wednesday, James led his team to a 132-129 victory over the Toronto Raptors, despite the fact that the Cavs’ head coach and five players were out. As for the rumors that LeBron is looking to join another team, Hart doesn’t think that’s happening anytime soon. "I don't see him leaving, other people think he will,” he said. “I don't see him going nowhere."