Kyle Kuzma and Lonzo Ball love roasting each other. As we wrote earlier this week, Kuzma is quickly emerging as perhaps the NBA's best social media presence, and his jabs back and forth with Ball are a big reason for it.

The two were rivals in college just a year ago—they both played at Pac-12 schools (Kuzma at Utah, Ball at UCLA)—but they've formed a close and hilarious friendship during their first year in the NBA, a friendship fueled by social media. The latest playful exchange happened at a Lakers team dinner, where Kuzma found Ball eating a dinner that consisted of...a full bowl of cheese.

"Ay yo, big dog, you hungry, bruh? Are you hungry right now?" Kuzma asks Ball. "This dude is eating plain cheese. That's it."

At the beginning of the video, Kuzma also teases their fellow rookie Josh Hart, who had just broken a bone in his left hand. 

Kuzma also roasted Hart after he posted a dramatic photo, post-injury, on Instagram. Larry Nance Jr., who was traded at the deadline to the Cavs, got in on the fun, too.

Man, these rookies really seem to like each other. Regardless of whether the Lakers land LeBron James in free agency, they have the start of something good here.