After seven seasons, the Seattle Seahawks have parted ways with four-time Pro Bowl cornerback Richard Sherman. The 29-year-old confirmed the news Friday to Sports Illustrated's NFL analyst Albert Breer.

So now that Sherman’s on the open market, many fans are asking: Where will the star athlete head to next? San Francisco is a strong possibility, as well as Kansas City, and Oakland; however, it seems the New England Patriots is the most likely option, as the team’s starting cornerback Malcolm Butler is reportedly on the way out. And it sounds like Sherman is pretty open to the move.

“If you're gonna try to swing for the fences, go for the elite potential in Richard Sherman, Boston Herald’s Jeff Howe said on NBC Sports Boston. “He's gonna get cut free. He absolutely wants to play for the Patriots. So he's gonna be on the short list.”

Howe continued: “There is a lot of intrigue from that side of the country. I can’t tell you it’s his No. 1 option, but I can tell you since last year that Richard Sherman has been absolutely intrigued about playing for the Patriots.”

A deal with New England seems promising; however, there are still some concerns surrounding Sherman’s physical health. The soon-to-be-30-year-old athlete suffered a season-ending injury to his left Achilles tendon last season, and recently underwent minor surgery on his right Achilles. Howe told NBC Sports Boston that Sherman is expected to be running by May.

As a four-time Pro Bowler and three-time first-team All-Pro, Sherman is considered one of the top corners in the NFL, and would be major addition to the Patriots' secondary. Though many fans are crossing their fingers for a Sherman-New England deal, not everyone is too thrilled with the idea. Take a look at some of the mixed Twitter reactions below.