Former NBA star Dennis Rodman was arrested for drunk driving around 11 p.m. on Jan. 13 in Newport Beach, Calif. The 56-year-old's BAC was reportedly .21—about 2.5 times above the legal limit of .08. After his arrest, Rodman checked himself into a short-term rehab program.

Rodman faced significant jail time for his arrest, but he has reached a plea deal with prosecutors that will keep him out of prison. TMZ is reporting that Rodman will spend nine months in an alcohol program in exchange for his guilty plea. Needless to say, the former Chicago Bulls forward is likely thrilled with the result.

"Assuming the allegations are true and he was driving impaired, there's absolutely no question in my mind he's going to receive some custodial time," DUI attorney Trent Copeland told the New York Daily News back in January. "The real question is, how creative does his lawyer get in working with the court?"

Apparently, pretty creative.

Rodman had been charged with two misdemeanor counts of DUI. He received probation after a July 2016 hit-and-run that occurred after he was driving the wrong way on the highway. TMZ reports that Rodman's probation had been revoked, but it is now reinstated.

If Rodman gets in trouble with the law again in the next two years, according to TMZ, he'll face 90 days in jail—which still sounds surprisingly light.

Rodman, a Basketball Hall of Famer, was a five-time NBA champion. He made the NBA's All-Defensive First Team seven times in his 14-year NBA career.