On Monday, NFL Hall of Famer (and ex-4.27 40-yard dash runner) Deion Sanders was noticeably blown away when Penn State safety Troy Apke got down the line at a blazing 4.35 clip. The reason for Sanders' surprise was obvious, though he refrained from saying it because wannabe media watchdogs (and their pro bono social media clones) have done their best to strip the world of both fun and nuance. Still, as you can see from this clip, it livened up an otherwise mundane-as-hell event, leaving Prime Time genuinely impressed:

When Mike Mayock jokingly asked Sanders why he was so surprised, Sanders stated the obvious. "You know why I'm surprised," he said. "I can't say it on TV. But he can RUN run." Sanders also added "You don't see that much, let's call it what it is."

He's not wrong.

Also, immediately afterwards, Sanders went out of his way to dap up Apke, and also learned how to pronounce his last name. One would think that would be a thrill for the projected seventh-rounder:

This can do nothing but good things for his draft stock.