Tennessee Titans safety Kevin Byard was one of two safeties (along with Minnesota's Harrison Smith) named to the NFL's first-team All-Pro roster this past season. The 24-year-old Byard had eight interceptions in a career season with the Titans.

That does not, however, mean he's already a household name, as Hall of Fame corner Deion Sanders illustrated on Tuesday night. It started with a quote from Sanders about Tyrann Mathieu, who recently signed with the Texans, being the best safety in the NFL.

Byard took offense to it and called Sanders out.

Sanders' response was...cringeworthy. Clearly unaware of Byard's identity, Sanders called him a "fan."

Byard clapped back with a reasonable response.

It appears he's using the awkward exchange as motivation.

The Jags' Jalen Ramsey, one of the NFL's other great young defensive backs, had Byard's back.

Come on, Prime Time.