Streetball legend Hot Sauce embarrassed plenty of opponents during his days as a player on the AND1 Mixtape Tour back in the early 2000s, and he added another victim to his list this weekend: ESPN's Darren Rovell.

During a break at the Atlanta Hawks game, the two squared off for a 30-second game of one-one-on. And it wasn't pretty.

Rovell was repeatedly spun around by the streetball veteran before eventually falling to his knees as Hot Sauce streaked to the basket. It was about as bad as things could have gone for Rovell.

After the embarrassing defeat, Rovell said, "I'll be back next year," but he didn't sound quite as confident as he did during a pre-game meeting when he joked that Hot Sauce's career would be over if he stole the ball. 

As bad as it was, Rovell believes things could have been even worse, however. His 1985 City Wing Spud Webb Ponys didn't fall apart and, um, nothing fell out of his shorts.

Let's be honest, though. The best part of the whole situation might be the amazing GIFS that came out of this. Rovell agrees.