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In hindsight the Eagles were the better bet to win the Super Bowl, which is exactly what they did (sorry if it's on your DVR or whatever). I mean, they were coming off an NFC Championship beatdown of Minnesota and their stellar defense, while New England barely slipped by the much less formidable Jacksonville Jaguars. All season long, the NFC was the far superior conference. For proof of that, look no further than the lowly Chicago Bears, who went 4-0 against the AFC North

But hindsight is 20/20, and if you put your dough on the Patriots winning because they weren't playing Eli Manning (or because you mistakenly thought their defense was, you know, competent), we don't blame you. Just as long as you take your lumps and pay your bets.

One person who should consider taking our advice is Nick Young. The Golden State Warriors forward owes teammate Draymond Green $2000 after betting on the Patriots to win it all. And to make sure that Young forks the cash over, Green went with the tried and true method of public shaming via social media: 

Clearly the Warriors take this thing very seriously. Though we've yet to learn if Green's shame tactics worked, we doubt Nick Young—who definitely has $2,000 stashed away somewhere—will hold out much longer. And if he does, Green could always break his thumbs. After all, it's not like the Warriors would miss a beat without the on court services of the infamous Swaggy P.