If you happen to be in Hollywood Hills this weekend, it sounds like the place to be for the Super Bowl is Ricky Williams' house. We say that because the ex-NFL star/noted pot enthusiast will be serving copious amounts of weed to guests lucky enough to be in attendance.

The original flyer for Williams' bash called for visitors to "bring your own weed" to the event. But as the ex-Heisman winner told TMZ, that was actually a mistake, and he (as the gracious host) will be supplying the ganja. On top of that, the party will also have booze, vegan food, vegetarian food (which is not the same), meat, a massage therapist, and celebrity guests who have to remain anonymous for their own sake.

"I've invited my friends," he said. "Some of my friends can't acknowledge and advertise that they're coming because they're professional athletes, but yeah, I'll have friends there."

Here's to hoping nobody's taking pictures.

The former Pro Bowler also made his pitch for why the party will work so well, as if you need a better sell. "The thing about sports and coming together with people, you should have a way to enjoy yourself, to relax and have a good time," he added. "So I want to offer this to people who are Ricky Williams fans, who are football fans, and I'm looking forward to it."

As it says on the flyer, the party will be capped at 50 people, who are welcome by invite only, and who will be given the location of the private residence after successfully RSVP'ing.

Best of luck to yas.