MMA fighter Nate Diaz, who famously beat Conor McGregor only to lose to him in the subsequent rematch, hasn't fought since 2016, meaning we haven't seen a whole lot of the 32-year-old recently. That all changed Sunday night during the UFC Fight Night 126 in Austin, and Twitter was pretty happy to see him again, however brief his appearance was. Appearing on camera for mere moments before he's abruptly cut off, Diaz may or may not have tried to light up on live television.

Spotted by Barstool writer Robbie Fox via his Twitter account, Diaz appears to throw a joint in his mouth much to the amusement of those around him. Before he managed to light up, however, the camera shifts away. The violence that's on display during UFC fights is a-okay but weed is a step too far, apparently. Of course, other Twitter users were quick to point out how great the moment was, too.