In keeping with the theme of using Meek Mill's "Dreams and Nightmares" as their unofficial anthem, the Philadelphia Eagles will use the currently incarcerated hometown rapper's hit as their music while they take the field Sunday afternoon at the start of the Super Bowl. This, of course, is probably no consolation for being locked up for the next 2-4 years, but Meek has said that the team's usage of the track has "lifted his spirit," so it's obviously better than nothing. (Oh, also why change what worked before/during/after the team's 38-7 conference title win over the Vikings?):

According to Eagles defensive end Brandon Graham, the choice was easy, as he told that "If you're going to go with a Philly song, that's the one you're going with." Rookie Derek Barnett (yet another d-end on the team) shared that sentiment by saying of the track "It just gets us going. It gives us good energy. Just a little extra juice."

As for what Meek himself thinks, the rapper had shared a statement of appreciation to the team for keeping him in mind while he remains imprisoned at a Pennsylvania state correctional institution. "It really lifted my spirit to hear the team rally around my songs because that's why I make music—to inspire others and bring people together," he said. "The Eagles have also motivated me with the way they've overcome tough situations and injuries to succeed this year."