Is Black Panther available to save sports from its shadiest characters? We need the King of Wakanda now, because there is much f*ckery in the news today. To start, Gilbert Arenas and the #OutofBounds crew look at the NCAA's forced vacation of Louisville's 2013 national championship, stemming from a prostitution scandal. You know, the one where a Cardinals staffer arranged sex for players and recruits — the scandal BEFORE the FBI named the school in a "pay for play" basketball corruption case. In addition to Gil sharing his own recruitment story, he has an...interesting analogy for vacating wins, and the guys debate if Rick Pitino is the slimiest coach in college hoops. The shadiness doesn't stop there, because the Dallas Mavericks are making headlines for all the wrong reasons. In "Fair or Foul," OOB passes judgment on owner Mark Cuban, who publicly admitted that his team has been tanking for a year and a half. If only that were the worst of it. Next, Gil and the gang wade into a damning exposé on sexual misconduct within the Mavs organization. Will all these scandals — and the end of the Dirk Nowitzki era — bring down Cuban and a franchise once thought to be the model for the NBA? Transitioning to happier, on-court NBA action, OOB previews Saturday's primetime matchup between the Thunder and Warriors for "In Play." Beyond picks, Gil has a unique take on the KD-Russ "beef" and what he expects the Brodie will give the Dubs this weekend. Finally, Wizards guard Bradley Beal joins the show to talk about how he's improved as a player, his working relationship with John Wall, and his fondest memory of Washington legend Gilbert Arenas.