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Pittsburgh Steelers running back Le'Veon Bell made an interesting proposal Tuesday night that has the New York Jets weighing their options. In response to the question of what would get him to sign with the Jets, Bell told TMZ Sports, "Go to the bank get one hundred M's... I play running back but they gotta respect me how I am."

Bell is eligible to become a free agent in the offseason, after playing this past year under the Steelers' franchise tag, which he claims he isn't interested in doing again, Bleacher Report says. A $100 million contract might sound like an exorbitant amount of money, even for sports standards, but you have to give it to him, the man knows his worth. Bell had a solid year, receiving a third Pro Bowl and a second All Pro recognition.

Now it's up to the Jets to make the next move.

Bell's proposed deal greatly surpasses the typical offer for running backs, even though he'd undoubtedly be a stellar addition to New York's offense. The ball is in their court now, and in the meantime, Bell doesn't seem to be all that worried about his status for the upcoming season. Bell has even gone so far as to mention a possible retirement if the Steelers tag him again.