While the reaction to the Cavs' blowout win over the Celtics is what a reasonable person would consider overblown (after all, one game is pretty much the definition of a small sample size), it was still a good way to feed oxygen to a team that had been choking for air.

After the game, LeBron had been complimentary of his new teammates by calling the win a "good start" while adding, "It's almost like the new guys have been here." Spirits are high. Even more straightforward than that was the four-time MVP's message to his teammates following the W.

"That's the way to hoop," new addition Jordan Clarkson said LeBron told the team afterward. "That was it."

While that might not be the deepest sentiment you've ever read, fellow new addition George Hill shared what James told the new guys prior to the 121-99 win.

“LeBron said before the game, ‘Who cares about mistakes? Who cares about missed shots? Who cares about all that stuff?'” Hill said. “We weren’t here to be perfect. There was no judgment out there today. Go out there, have fun, take our shots, be ourselves. I think that’s what we tried to do.”

Finally, in keeping with the theme here, new addition Rodney Hood also talked about what it's like to play on the floor with LeBron as a teammate. "Fun," Hood said. "It's fun. He demands simple things, just to play hard. But other than that, he'll make the game easy for you if you're in the right spot, so it's fun."