LaVar Ball has already made public his wish to get all three of his sons to play for the Lakers (multiple times). And on Monday, he revealed his plan for doing just that, which could be accurately described as very far fetched. We say that because, as LaVar told Lithuanian media, the strategy will be for oldest son Lonzo to leave the Lakers for another squad via free agency if they don't sign his two younger brothers, LiAngelo and LaMelo.

"Lonzo will be on his 3rd year and I want let every NBA team know, that Lonzo is not going to resign with the Lakers, but will go to any team, that will take all of my three boys," he said. "[...] We don't have to go [in] any draft. Just sign him in free agency. You don't have to give Gelo $15M. Give [him] a million for three years, we'll take it. Because they make so much money off the court, they loose spare change."

The Lakers currently hold team options on Lonzo through the 2020-21 season, and he would only be a restricted free agent if the two sides couldn't come to a deal on an extension. As for LiAngelo, he was previously described as having "no chance" of being picked in this year's NBA draft. 

Anyways, in addition to this being a bonkers (though potentially empty) request, I feel like this is something that would require just a little more juice than Lonzo's current season would suggest he has.