A few days ago, ESPN reported that the New York Jets were willing to do "whatever it takes" to land Kirk Cousins on this year's free agency market. Though Cousins is an exceptionally solid quarterback, the phrasing "whatever it takes" to land him seemed a bit odd, especially considering the crop of signal callers who will be available in the draft.

No offense to him, he's good. But still.

However, according to a long write-up by The New York Daily News, that was compiled after seeking comments from the team's front office, the organization is not nearly as interested in acquiring the Redskins' signal caller as the "whatever it takes" line would suggest. Daily News writer Manish Mehta acknowledges that the team would love to sign Cousins (which is no shock if you look at their depth chart) but not for the inflated salary numbers that have been suggested elsewhere.

As Mehta writes:

The notion that the organization will go to any lengths to sign him is patently false. There’s a difference between making a strong and aggressive move for a player (a.k.a. – an all-in mindset) and actually recklessly overspending. The Jets aren’t going to hand Cousins a blank check, according to team sources.

Additionally, he notes that some within the organization have gotten a kick out of the rumors, though they suspect strong competition for his services.