For a couple of very awkward minutes, the Jeopardy contestants understood what I go through watching an episode of the game show. With "Talkin' Football" as the lone category left on the board, the contestants were forced to go through a string of questions on a topic that they knew absolutely nothing about: football.

After asking the first question on the board, you could probably hear a pin drop before host Alex Trebek broke the silence by saying "Option" with the type of tone similar to that of a disappointed parent. Before getting into the $400 question, Trebek took a jab at the contestants' lack of football knowledge, sarcastically saying, "I can tell you guys are football fans."

When Trebek failed to even get a contestant to buzz in on the second question, he somewhat seriously asked, "Do you think we should go to commercial?" Before embarking on the fifth and final question in the category, Trebek said that they would do it "just for the fun of it." Again, there was dead silence.

In the contestants' defense, these questions aren't easy for someone who knows little to nothing about football. Like, who knows about these specific parts in the rulebook when the NFL still can't describe what is and isn't a catch these days? Maybe ask them questions like "This team has a star on their helmet?" And they would've rocked it...the same way I own Jeopardy Kids Week.