The Atlanta Hawks aren’t the worst team in the NBA at the moment, but they’re pretty damn close. With a record of just 18-43, they currently sit in dead last in the Eastern Conference, and if not for the Phoenix Suns, they’d be at the bottom of the entire league. Things have actually gotten so bad for the Hawks that some people have suggested the only reason to go to a game at Philips Arena is to get the chance to potentially spot Quavo.

Those people aren’t wrong.

The Hawks do have at least one thing going for them right now, though. The team’s official Twitter account—which, as we’ve noted in the past, is one of the best in the business—is once again putting together an All-Star-worthy performance in 2018. Despite the serious lack of highlights for the Hawks on the court, the Hawks employees who run the Twitter account always seem to bring their A-game and do a hell of a job when it comes to trolling the players and fans from opposing teams.

That was on full display on Monday night when the Lakers visited Atlanta to take on the Hawks. The Lakers crushed the Hawks on the court with nine different players scoring in double digits en route to a 123-104 win. It gave the Lakers fans in attendance plenty to celebrate. But it also gave the Hawks’ social media team a chance to troll some of the Lakers fans who showed up to the game outfitted in outdated jerseys.

From Magic Johnson jerseys to Kareem Abdul-Jabbar jerseys to Kobe Bryant jerseys (so many Kobe Bryant jerseys), the Hawks started a Twitter thread to highlight all of the old jerseys Lakers fans wore to the game. Scroll down to see the entire thread. This was arguably the Hawks’ biggest win of the entire season.