Philadelphia has been in high spirits following the Eagles' win at the Super Bowl, but their rookie cornerback Sidney Jones ran into some issues during the team's Super Bowl victory parade on Thursday. At some point during the parade, Jones lost his phone.

Fortunately, a group of Eagles fans was there to help Jones find it. After Jones sent out his tweet about his missing phone, a photo of the fans popped up on his Instagram account. The smiling fans captioned the picture, "Guess who dropped their phone at the parade!"

Thankfully, the fans were kind enough to track Jones down to return the phone. Just a couple hours later, Jones posted a picture of him with the fans saying "The awesome fans that brought my phone back to me."

It's been more than 50 years since Eagles fans have been able to celebrate a win like this one, so they obviously went extra hard to make up for all the losses. Most fans went crazy, but at least these fans were considerate enough to do the right thing for one of the winning players. It's the least they could do, right?