Eagles fan Dan Morgan was riding the high of his team's victory over the Patriots in the Super Bowl on Sunday when he rushed out to get some ink to commemorate the occasion. Morgan wanted a permanent reminder of the game that brought the Eagles their first Super Bowl win in franchise history, but he wasn't about to go for some basic logo or an outline of the Lombardi Trophy. Instead, he went with something a lot more specific.

Morgan chose to get a tattoo of the "Philly Special"—the trick play the Birds used to score a touchdown just before halftime at Super Bowl LII. There's no doubt that many Philly sports fans raced out to the tattoo parlor to get their own permanent reminders of their team kicking the Patriots' asses. But Morgan opted for something really unique, and honestly, even a non-sports fan like myself can tell this is a pretty sick tattoo.

"It seemed like most people either were adding on a Lombardi Trophy or just getting something including it. I wanted mine to be less obvious. Random people are going to see it and maybe take a minute but many will get it," Morgan told NJ.com.

Morgan obviously wasn't the only Eagles fan to run out and get a tattoo. Other fans are also sharing shots of their Super Bowl-inspired Eagles ink right now.

Unfortunately, it also like some Patriots fans may have jumped the gun by getting tattoos of their own commemorating New England's sixth Super Bowl, and now, they look foolish for doing it since the Pats are still stuck on five.

If you're a tattoo artist in the Philly area, good luck to you. Business is definitely going to be booming for at least the next few weeks.