Eagles quarterback Nick Foles played a hell of a game in Super Bowl LII on Sunday night. He completed 28 of 43 passes for 373 passing yards and 3 touchdowns and even caught a touchdown pass on a trick play at the end of the second quarter. Not bad for a guy who considered retiring from the NFL just a few years ago following shaky stints with the Eagles and Rams.

As Foles was putting on the performance of a lifetime en route to a Super Bowl win and a Super Bowl MVP trophy, there were thousands of people tweeting about how well he was playing. Tweets like this flooded Twitter as Foles picked apart the Patriots secondary.

Actress Bridget Moynahan was among the many people who sent out a tweet about Foles.

While an actress tweeting about how well an NFL quarterback was playing wouldn’t ordinarily be that big of a deal, it quickly turned into one in this case because Moynahan’s ex-boyfriend is none other than Tom Brady. The two dated for about three years in the mid-2000s before Brady unceremoniously broke up with Moynahan when she was pregnant with their son John.

Moynahan has, at least publicly, been very civil towards Brady since their split. During an interview back in 2011, she said she was glad her son "is surrounded by love" in the form of "two loving parents and an extended family" that includes stepmother Gisele Bündchen. And on the outside anyway, her and Brady appear as though they maintain a decent relationship for the sake of their son.

But of course—of course!—those on social media were unwilling to give Moynahan the benefit of the doubt after she sent out her Foles tweet. They automatically assumed she was shading Brady by complimenting his Super Bowl opponent.

Moynahan certainly didn’t do herself any favors when she followed her tweet about Foles with a retweet of the celebratory message Foles himself sent out after his big game.

But we should point out that Moynahan did congratulate both the Eagles and the Patriots.

So maybe cut her some slack? If she was throwing shade, more power to her. But it’s been more than a decade since her and Brady broke up. So maybe she really was just—gasp—enjoying the Super Bowl and tweeting about Foles like everyone else when she mentioned him on Twitter.