Professional athletes have had plenty of awkward moments with members of the media. And, we have to admit, they’re usually entertaining to watch.

Just look at this skirmish that occurred between two cameramen during Kevin Durant’s post-practice interview Thursday. Judging by the footage, it seems the two men were attempting to get their best shot of the Warriors forward and ended up in each other’s space. Now we understand everyone wants to do their job to the best of their ability, but this exchange became unnecessarily heated. We’re talking F-bombs and violent threats, as well as a lot of “dudes” sprinkled in.

Cameraman 1: “Dude I’m going as far as I can. Step over.”

Cameraman 2: “I was parked here and you’re the one who cut me.”

Cameraman 1: “Dude!”

Cameraman 2: “Dude!”

Cameraman 1: “Don’t fucking grab me. I will knock you the fuck out. I will knock you the fuck out right here.”

​Fortunately, a Warriors official stepped in to prevent the situation from escalating.

Durant was, understandably, thrown off by the whole situation. He actually paused the interview while the back-and-forth was going down, and asked, “What are we doing? Like, what we doing?”

That's an excellent question, KD.