A white tennis player made an unwarranted, racist comment to his black opponent during a college match in North Carolina on Sunday. The Appalachian State University player Spencer Brown told John Wilson, a senior and class president at North Carolina A&T State University, “At least I know my dad.” According to a tweet from Wilson, Brown made this statement “along with other racist comments."

After the match, Wilson shared Brown’s photo and name on Twitter, telling his followers “Black twitter, do ya thing.”

And their thing they did. Brown has been suspended indefinitely from the team, according to the New York Post. The college issued a statement and apologized, declaring Brown’s comments “derogatory and offensive.”

“After yesterday’s men’s tennis match, an Appalachian State student-athlete engaged in behavior that was derogatory and offensive,” Appalachian State said in the statement. “This student-athlete has been suspended indefinitely from the team, effective immediately, for violating the student-athlete discipline policy.”

Wilson thanked people on Twitter for putting a spotlight on Brown’s comments, leading to his suspension. “Thank you all for the help, this is something I’ve always dealt with being a black tennis player,” he tweeted.

Oh and in case you were wondering, yes, Wilson does know his father.