A Cincinnati rec-league basketball team has been kicked out of its league and is now being investigated by the Cincinnati NAACP for its offensive basketball jerseys, according to a report by local news outlet FOX 19.

The team consisted of high school-aged players and was a part of the Cincinnati Premier Youth Basketball League. During a recent game at West Clermont Middle School, the team wore jerseys that were deemed to be "offensive" and "inappropriate" by various parents watching in the stands. For starters, the name of the team spelled out across the front of the jerseys was "Wet Dream Team," a sexually suggestive play on the "Dream Team" from the 1992 Summer Olympics. Strike one. Unfortunately, this is not the most horrible thing printed on the team's uniforms. Various members of the team replaced their actual names with racially insensitive slurs like "Knee Grow" and "Coon" on the backs of their jerseys.

"It's a racial thing. It's a bullying thing. It's everything wrapped into one," parent of the opposing team Tony Rue told FOX 19. 

The game would eventually be prematurely ended following the various complaints. What could their parents possibly think? Don't worry. They are awful people too. "Then their parents came over, and they were mad about paying the $7 entry fee and not completing the game," says Rue.

Rue would even go on to post a lengthy Facebook post regarding the incident including statements like, "This isn’t a typo, this isn’t a mistake, these are ideas that were thought of, discussed, agreed upon by adults and kids alike, printed on uniforms, social media accounts registered and manned and no one thought this was a bad idea or inappropriate?"

The team has since been thrown out of the league entirely but apparently they were somehow able to participate in three or four games in the recreational league before anyone took notice of how awful a gesture these jerseys were. The Cincinnati NAACP is now getting involved in the matter with VP of the Cincinnati NAACP Joe Mallory saying, "It's everybody's problem. It's everybody's business that when these things happen we all stand up and speak out on it."

Since the outrage sparked by the offensive jersey names, multiple parties involved with the incident have issued statements regarding the situation as well including the idiotic coordinator of the league that let these jerseys be worn at all, Charrise Middleton, who told FOX 19, "When I learned of the uniform infractions last night the team involved was immediately removed from the league and will not be returning to play this season. Kings Rec Basketball for grades 7-12 does not in any way support or condone the uniform infractions that occurred.  We strictly follow and support the rules set out by CPYBL and fully support their decision to remove the team from play as well."

A statement was also provided to Middleton on behalf of the team's coach stating, "We sincerely apologize to anyone that was offended by the jerseys.  We offered to cover them up or change, however the league saw fit to remove us and we have accepted that decision."