It’s hard to ignore President Trump in any capacity whether you’re an athlete or scrolling and whispering WTF to yourself on Twitter, but Migos' Quavo is asking the Georgia Bulldogs to do just that as Trump will reportedly be in attendance for this year’s National Championship game.

“Focus on winning the national championship game,” the rapper said in an interview with TMZ Sports when asked about the possibly of athletes kneeling during the anthem. “Don't worry about nothing else. Just focus on winning."

As a Bulldogs fan, Quavo’s made it clear his main priority is seeing his team win as he's watched them practice and put in the work to make it this far in the season. Quavo also joined the team on the field when they won the Rose Bowl earlier this week.

With the game coming up this Monday, many wondered if the players would make a statement and end up the target of the President’s next tweetstorm. The gesture, met with tons of pushback from fans, NFL owners and Trump himself, has come to highlight the persistent problems with police brutality and racism in America.

As much as fans might want athlete to steer clear of making political statements, it’s tricky to separate the two. Former 49ers Quarterback Colin Kaepernick found himself without an NFL home at the start of the 2017/2018 season due to public and team owner backlash over him taking a knee.

Still, Quavo urged the Bulldogs to focus on their main objective: taking the title.

"You should be going straight in,” he said, “and worrying about football.”