Oh that O.J. Simpson, always getting himself into some mishap. The former football player's latest series of unfortunate events comes in the form of a lawsuit—but this time he's the one dishing it out. He and his legal team are threatening to sue the Cosmopolitan Hotel in Las Vegas for $100 million, according to TMZ.

Simpson was permanently banned from the hotel back in November after getting a little too drunk and “disruptive” at the hotel's Clique bar. He reportedly became angry and broke glasses before being escorted off the property by security. Simpson was later contacted by his parole officers and took drug and alcohol tests, both of which were negative, according to Malcolm P. LaVergne, Simpson's lawyer.

LaVergne, in a letter to the Cosmopolitan, claimed that his client was discriminately singled out "amongst his non-African American friends" adding that OJ was confronted with, "malice and racial prejudice." Allegedly, the hotel then "expelled him for what turned out to be a fake reason while he peacefully visited the Cosmopolitan property." If the Cosmopolitan fails to publicly address that Simpson was compliant and did not need to be kicked off the premises, then his legal team will push forward with the lawsuit.

Simpson has attempted to keep a low profile after being released from Nevada's Lovelock Correctional Center last October. He was acquitted in the 1995 double murders of his ex-wife Nicole Brown and her friend Ronald Goldman. He later served nine years in the Nevada prison for armed robbery and assault with a weapon conviction, which was a separate 2007 incident at Las Vegas' Palace Station in an attempt to take back his own memorabilia.

Clearly trying to stay out of the limelight (and out of trouble) hasn't worked out in Simpson's favor.