Fun fact: Before O.J. Simpson was a part of the most infamous murder trial in American history, he was a professional football player. In all honesty, he is still, statistically speaking, one of the best running backs to ever play at both the collegiate and pro level. Still, seeing him among some fans of his former NFL team, the Buffalo Bills, ahead of the team's first playoff game since 1999, is an early contender for the most bizarre occurrence of 2018.

Photos of The Juice posing with some members of the Bills Mafia in Las Vegas made their way to Twitter Sunday. There are a few things to definitely take notice of here. One, Simpson is rocking a jersey of current Bills' running back LeSean McCoy. Two, Zubaz are apparently still acceptable fan attire in the year 2018. Three, and easily the best part, is the guy posing next to Simpson in a freakin' "The Juice Is Loose" t-shirt complete with a graphic of the infamous white Ford Bronco that had people glued to their TVs back in 1994. Pure gold.

Since Simpson is still on parole following his release from jail last year, after serving nine years for his 2007 sentence for armed robbery, he was not able to head down to Jacksonville for the NFL Wild Card weekend contest between the Bills and Jaguars. Instead, he made the trip over to a local Vegas bar, Moon Doggies, to catch the big game. 

Going into today's game I thought this was going to be the most insane Bills-related occurrence I saw: 

Somehow, I was proven wrong, thanks to O.J. Simpson. Keep being you Bills Mafia.