The highs and lows of professional sports might not be any more concentrated in a single area than they are in Cleveland. On one hand, the city gets to celebrate LeBron James, the greatest basketball player in the world. On the other, the city is home to, to put it nicely, the single most pathetic excuse for a franchise in all of sports, the Cleveland Browns. 

In fact, the Browns are so bad that their fan base has resorted to celebrating just how terrible they are. On Jan. 6, they held a parade in Cleveland to celebrate the team's winless, 0-16 regular season record for 2017. It was as incredible a spectacle as you could imagine.

Of course, the King of Cleveland was asked what he thought about the embarrassing, and admittedly hilarious, occurrence. "I got a kick out of it," James told The Athletic. "I can’t even sit here and say that I didn’t. You know how you see some s*** and you’re like, ‘That’s not really happening, right?’ And it’s so bad that it’s laughable. So when I seen the video at Browns Stadium, I was more like, ‘I cannot believe this is actually happening.’ And it actually happened.”

While holding a parade to celebrate how garbage your favorite team is definitely is an incredible way to roast an organization for its incompetence, some players on the team reportedly were not too happy about the display. Fear not, LeBron had a stance on that as well. 

"F*** yeah I'd be pissed. But how are you going to be pissed at the fans," says James. "It could be worse. How 'bout [the fans] just boycott a season until y'all win two games in a row?" 

Worth noting that despite being from the Cleveland area, James is a fan of the Dallas Cowboys. So even though he is deemed as the face of sports for the entire city and tied to every team by default, it's likely that the King would instead talk about anything else than the pathetic team with which he has to share a city.

To his credit, James does show love for all things Cleveland whether his allegiance lies elsewhere or not. Who could forget this man going ballistic during a Cleveland Indians rally in Game 7 of the 2016 World Series? 

Hopefully, James can help bring a real celebratory parade back to the city this summer as he continues his dominant 15th NBA season to a possible eighth consecutive NBA Finals appearance and a potential fourth championship. Hopefully, the Browns will be able to grab at least ONE WIN next season too, I guess.