It’s been a little more than a year now since Craig Sager died following a valiant battle with leukemia. But it sounds like his kids are still dealing with the residual effects of his death, especially as it pertains to his will.

On Tuesday, Craig Sager Jr. revealed that he was left out of his father’s will when he died. The other two children from Sager’s first marriage, Kacy and Krista, were also apparently left out of the will. Sager Jr. made the revelation in a tweet he sent out about how a sheriff came to serve him papers regarding the will, even though he and his sisters have maintained that they do not have any interest in contesting his dad’s final wishes in court.

While Sager Jr. didn’t dish out all of his family’s business on social media, he did allude to the fact that Sager seems to have left most of his earthly possessions to his second wife Stacy. She, in turn, appears to be trying to take the Sager kids to court to preemptively prevent them from ever taking her to court over the will. It’s obviously rubbing Sager Jr. the wrong way, and his sister Kacy chimed in on it as well.

Initially, Kacy said she supported Sager Jr. for "coming clean about some of the dumbassery we’ve been dealing with."

Kacy also scoffed when a bunch of media outlets started picking up the story about Sager leaving his kids out of his will and running with it. "No need to write a damn article about it, Jesus," she wrote. "Ya bored?"

But in a series of subsequent tweets, Kacy responded to those who had something to say about the situation with Sager’s will. She pointed out that the Sager kids just want to "move on," and she referred to Stacy as "paranoid/greedy."

"She’s greedy," Kacy wrote at one point. "She didn’t even let us say goodbye to him because she wanted to spend his last day of consciousness alone with him. My brother saved his life & she still tried to poison our father against us."

Kacy was, of course, referring to the bone marrow transfusions Sager Jr. took part in to try and save his father’s life.

TMZ Sports obtained a copy of Sager’s will and discovered that all of Sager’s kids were named in it but that none of them were left any of his money, real estate properties, or hotel and airline miles. Despite this, it doesn’t sound like Sager Jr. is bitter about the way this has all played out. He posted this tweet on Twitter after controversy started swirling around his family on Wednesday.

Sager Jr. also spoke with TMZ Sports on Wednesday morning about the situation.

"I love my dad," he said. "I love my family. I am not mad. I am not in a bad place. I am quite fine, loving work, and finally taking a breather. But I want for myself and my family to move on peacefully and without paranoia over the Sword of Damocles this divorce has dangled over our heads for more than half my life. Enough. I shouldn’t have sheriffs knocking on my doors when I’m not in his will or fighting the fact that I’m not. I want to be able to relax without worrying about a sheriff knocking on my door. That’s it."

While Kacy declined an interview with TMZ Live, she did release an official statement, which you can read in full below.