On Monday, the week leading up to Super Bowl LII kicked off with Super Bowl Media Night. While this year's media portion of the festivity-filled week leading up to the big game did not deliver us anything quite as legendary as Marshawn Lynch's "I'm just here so I don't get fined" interview from 2015, it did give us intel on a pretty hilarious bet within the Eagles' organization. Eagles defensive end Chris Long revealed he bet linebacker coach Ken Flajole that, if the Eagles win it all this year, he would tattoo his face somewhere on his body. 

Don't believe me? See for yourself: 

"I also made a really dumb bet with my linebacker coach that I would get a portrait of his face if we won the Super Bowl, Ken Flajole. So, look him up on Google. Hopefully, I'll have a Ken Flajole tattoo," Long said. 

Assuming that most people reading this have no idea what  Eagles linebacker coach Ken Flajole looks like, this is what Long is going to have to get tatted on him if the Eagles are victorious in Super Bowl LII. 

For Long's sake, he already has sleeves of tats up and down his arms. So at least his coach's mug won't be completely noticeable amidst the rest of the colorful artwork. This tattoo, surprisingly, is not even the most ridiculous thing Long has done for the love of his team. He and fellow teammate Lane Johnson were responsible for starting the now-infamous dog mask trend in the city of Philadelphia during their playoff run to give a literal representation to the "underdog" title bestowed upon them.

Long might not be alone at the tattoo parlor if the Birds win the big game this Sunday. The way Philly sports fans are, there is certainly going to be more than a few getting some fresh Eagles-inspired ink on Monday morning if the franchise claims its first Super Bowl.