Brett Favre is going to open up about his career, as well as the head injuries he suffered during it, in a soon-to-premiere documentary called Shocked: A Hidden Factor in the Sports Concussion Crisis that he also will serve as an executive producer for.  The documentary will specifically talk about "the hidden factor" causing concussions, which is athletes banging their heads off artificial surfaces. In fact, that topic being the main focus of the footage becomes clear if you watch this minute-long teaser:

Additionally, Favre told CBS Sports ahead of the film's airing that he's not going to prevent his grandkids from playing football, but that he's "not going to encourage them" to do it either.

"I have three grandsons -- and people may wonder why a retired player would be so adamant about concussions and making the environment safer -- I don't know if they'll play football. They're eight [years], three [years] and several months old," Favre said on CBS Sports' Pick Six podcast. "What little bit I know now -- and it's more than when I played -- concussions [are] not good. And definitely not for a youth. And so, there is something out there that can make the environment safer, aside from helmets, and that is the surface. I think you have to look at the surface as an equal if not more important than the equipment you wear."

Anyway, for those interested, that aforementioned documentary will air very shortly on at 6:30 p.m. ET on Thursday, January 11.