Bill Belichick is a notoriously stoic character, but he allowed himself to show some real human emotions as the New England Patriots advanced to the Super Bowl on Sunday, following a 24-20 victory over Jacksonville in the AFC Championship game.

As the clock ticked towards zero, Belichick completely broke character and started celebrating on the sidelines. Some surprised fans on Twitter pointed out that this is finally proof that the 65-year-old coach is actually human.

Moments later, an awkward congratulatory hug on the sideline turned into an instant meme.

It became clear that Belichick is new to this whole celebrating thing as he was repeatedly caught off guard by joyous sideline interactions.

Patriots fans who enjoy Belichick's usual grizzled demeanor shouldn't worry that their coach has suddenly changed and become a new person, however. Shortly after his momentary lapse, Belichick treated the AFC Championship trophy like he always does and gave it no respect. Savage. His eyes are clearly set on another Super Bowl ring.