While we're not sure if Quavo hit Drake off with that money he won for Alabama beating Georgia during last night's CFP National Championship game, we do know that Donald Trump walked out before Kendrick Lamar lit up his halftime performance. We're going to assume that Trump also wasn't in the streets with the sea of what looks like white Alabama fans celebrating the win by blasting loads of music, including Kendrick's "m.A.A.d City," and pronouncing every n-word on the song.

In the video up above, which was found on the @RoundersUA Twitter account, shows what happens when a lit crowd of white kids who a) are on that Roll Tide Roll shit and b) are excited to celebrate a massive Alabama win are together and one of Kendrick's more infectious tracks comes on. What's fucked is when you start to hear them neglect to censor themselves during lines like, "Man down, Where you from, nigga?" The irony.

ESPN's Jemele Hill shared the video on Twitter with the perfect caption: "Sorry, ain’t been long enough." She isn't wrong, and a number of sports fans and, well, people who understand why a crowd of white people chanting the word "nigga" can be troubling agree with her.

What's also not surprising is the number of clueless folks who don't get why this is ridiculous. Case in point:

1) If you don't get the entire fu- 2) That's not the point at all and 3) Stop. Log off. Delete the app from your phone. And please, PLEASE understand why this isn't the kind of shit we need happening anymore.