Back in October, defensive end Damontre Moore was cut from the Dallas Cowboys. Moore was one of two players who continued to raise his fist during the national anthem. Though Dallas coach Jason Garrett said his release was strictly football-related, the timing coincided with an off-the-field incident that happened four days prior.

Reports surfaced that Moore was involved in an altercation at a Dallas nightclub, and now footage of what exactly happened that night is here. In the clip provided by TMZ Sports, you can see Moore taking a punch by someone before sizing him up, getting ready to swing back. When he goes in for a punch, he gets pummeled by two other men while the other guy holds him down on top of a hood of a car.

If that wasn’t crazy enough, Moore stalks them outside their car and tries to punch one of them through the sunroof. When they speed off, you can hear what sounds like a gunshot from the distance.

TMZ Sports says a witness claims the fight was over a woman, but the details are unclear.

Moore spent his first three seasons with the New York Giants after the team picked him in the 2013 NFL draft. When he was let go from the Cowboys, Garrett confirmed this incident was not a deciding factor in his release, but in part to make room for kicker Mike Nugent, who filled in for injured place kicker Dan Bailey.