In late November, TMZ Sports unearthed a video that appeared to show Georgia Tech football player Step Durham knocking his teammate Lance Austin out with a single punch. The fight reportedly took place way back in the spring in the Georgia Tech football facility, and it led to both Durham and Austin dealing with discipline from the GT team.

But it appears as though Durham and Austin were involved in more than just a single fight on the day in question. TMZ Sports just unearthed another video, and this one apparently shows the two players going at it again just hours after their initial fight—with the same result.

According to TMZ Sports, Austin challenged Durham to a second fight after getting knocked out during the first one. The two squared up again as several other people—possibly fellow GT players, though it’s hard to tell in the grainy video—looked on. And for the second time in a matter of just hours, Durham seems to have gotten the better of Austin with a single punch to the face. A witness to the fight told TMZ Sports that Austin was trying to avenge his previous L by fighting Durham again, but it doesn’t look like he did it.

The fact that two GT players fought one another twice in one day feels problematic. But a GT spokesperson didn’t sound too worried about it when TMZ Sports reached out for comment. They told TMZ Sports that the two fights were "all part of the same incident" and that the GT coaching staff is aware of what happened. You can check out the second fight above and go back and watch the first one here.