By virtue of a 28-7 win over Auburn in the SEC Championship this past Saturday, Georgia has gained entrance into the College Football Playoff. And one very, very cocky Bulldogs fan has opted to memorialize that victory by replaying it on loop with a flat screen on the back of his Hummer, which is a funny idea, at least until someone gets distracted, forgets to hit the brakes, and plants their hood into his backseat:

In addition to being snapped on an Atlanta highway with a speed limit of 55 (which should probably make everybody nervous), the anonymous troll was also captured by a different Twitter user as he appeared to be getting pulled over:

As pointed out by SB Nation, the insurance claim waiting to happen isn't the only UGA fan to soak the burning success of his favorite team into the eyes of others. As proof of that, here's a guy who graciously woke his Auburn fan neighbors at 8 a.m. to remind them of the results of an event that happened less than 24 hours earlier:

Soak it up while you can, we guess.

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