Has anyone seen Charlie Villanueva’s toilet? No, really, has anyone out there seen it?

On Tuesday night, someone broke into the former NBA player’s home in Dallas and burglarized it. But it doesn’t sound like the robbers got away with any cash, jewelry, or expensive electronic equipment. They did, however, make off with one pretty important, albeit random, item that you don’t usually see taken during a home robbery—a toilet from one of the bathrooms in Villanueva’s house.

Villanueva took to Twitter shortly after his home was robbed to talk about the situation. He posted a photo of his now-toiletless bathroom and said he couldn’t believe someone took a toilet of all things from him. He said that some of his appliances were gone as well, but the toilet was the one item that really got to him.

Villanueva also called the Dallas Police Department out for their incredibly slow response to his calls about his home burglary. According to him, it took them at least four hours to respond when he called to report that someone had broken into his home. He eventually started a #findmytoilet hashtag in an effort to bring his toilet back home on his own.

As of Wednesday morning, Villanueva still can’t believe that someone took his toilet. He jumped on Twitter again to try and make sense of it all.

Toilets do seem to have magical powers for some NBA players. But seriously, who has Villanueva’s toilet? Bring it back home, please.