If winning heals all wounds, you could only imagine the byproduct of a blowout loss. On Sunday, the Seattle Seahawks were destroyed by the Los Angeles Rams, 42-7, in front of their home crowd. The combination of an embarrassing defeat and the Seahawks running out of time to make a push for the playoffs has led to players pointing fingers at one another as the team searches for answers with just two games remaining in the regular season. 

Following yesterday's game, Seahawks safety Earl Thomas questioned whether his teammate Bobby Wagner should have even played as he dealt with an injured hamstring injury. "To be totally honest--I think the guys that played, you know, you've got to get your hats off to 'Wags' and the couple of (injured) guys who played--but my personal opinion (is) I don’t think they should have played," Thomas said, per The News Tribune. "I think the backups would have done just as good."

In a tweet that has since been deleted, Wagner took a personal swipe at Thomas, telling him, "E keep my name out yo mouth. Stop being jealous of other people success. I hope you keep balling bro."

Seahawks players being at odds with one another is nothing new, but there comes a point where certain matters should be kept in house. This is one of those instances.