On Tuesday, the NBA released a "Last Two-Minute Report" that stated refs from the Christmas match-up between the Cavs-Warriors saw four missed fouls in the final 1:12. Of those four missed fouls, three should've been given to Kevin Durant, while one should've been given to LeBron James. The Warriors won that game 99-92.

According to the league, KD fouled LeBron twice in the final 30 seconds when the Cavs were down 95-92. After the game, LeBron mentioned those key spot no-calls and remarked: "But whatever. What are you going to do about it?"

In contrast to that, Durant said the play in question "felt clean" and to "keep that shit on Twitter."

Additionally, the NBA says that the officials missed a hip-check that caused LeBron to lose the ball before going out of bounds at the 1:12 mark, though James pinned that on himself afterward. Finally, when it comes to the foul the league says refs missed on LeBron, they claimed that he should've been whistled for an infraction against Draymond Green with 33 seconds left after LeBron clamped his arm so he couldn't grab a board.

*Shrugs* Oh well. Refs are human. Tweak the replay system at your own risk.