Larry Nance Jr. has solidified himself as one of the best dunkers in the entire NBA over the course of the last couple seasons. We would guess Kevin Durant knew that heading into the Warriors’ game against the Lakers on Monday night. But that didn’t stop KD from trying to stop Nance Jr. at the rim at the end of the second half during the game—and it didn’t end well for KD.

With less than a minute to go in the half, Nance Jr. caught a pass on the wing and drove directly at KD, who was the only Warriors player between him and the rim. Nance Jr. took off, endured a little bit of contact from KD, and…well, you know what happened next. Nance Jr. put KD front and center on his latest poster.

Somewhat amazingly, Nance Jr. was actually the third Lakers player to dunk on KD in the first half of the game. The first was Julius Randle.

The second was Jordan Clarkson.

Then came Nance Jr. with what was probably the most impressive dunk. The fact that KD got posterized three times in a single half did not go unnoticed by those watching at home.

And the Nance Jr. dunk, in particular, seemed to get the biggest reaction. NBA fans lost their minds over it and had all kinds of crazy reactions to the dunk on Twitter.

KD would get his revenge on the Lakers. Although he shot just 10-for-29 from the field, he finished the game with 36 points, including a jump shot with 6 seconds left in overtime to win the game for the Warriors. But something tells us NBA fans aren’t going to let him forget about getting dunked on three times in a single half anytime soon.