Marshawn Lynch played his best game of the season against the Giants on Sunday afternoon. He ran for 101 yards, including a 51-yard touchdown run, and added another 20 yards in receiving during the Raiders’ 24-17 win in Oakland.

But after the game, he was in no mood to speak with reporters. This, of course, should not come as a surprise, seeing as how Lynch rarely wants to speak with reporters after games. But this time around, he actually had a pretty great—and pretty hilarious—reason for not wanting to take the time to talk with the reporters who gathered around his locker.

When Lynch arrived back at his locker following the game, he was informed that he needed to take part in a random drug test right away. So he politely declined all interview requests by telling members of the media that he had to go and take the test.

"I’m sorry, though, look," he said. "It’s either this or that and I can’t afford that. I apologize."

But he also took things a step further and, in true Marshawn fashion, explained exactly what goes into a random drug test with the league.

"If you do not understand what this is," he said, "it’s when you put your ding-ding sauce out and give them a sample."

Only Marshawn would explain a drug test like that. But then again, he’s talked about his "ding-ding" during interviews in the past, so should we even be surprised?

Don’t look now, but Lynch and the Raiders are in a three-way tie for first place in the AFC West, and if they manage to sneak into the playoffs this season, it could lead a lot more memorable Lynch quotes like this one.