After Lil B threatened to curse Lonzo Ball for disrespecting hip-hop legend Nas back in October, you'd think the Lakers star would know better than to go after the Queensbridge rapper again. Ball apparently decided not to heed the message as he showed up to the Knicks/Lakers game Tuesday night in a hoodie with his face Photoshopped on the cover art of Nas’ It Was Written.

The internet and ESPN appropriately dragged Zo for the disrespect. “I’m a guy that likes Lonzo Ball,” Chauncey Billups said on-air last night. “The young fella ain’t put enough work in to be mocking Nas.” It didn't help the Lakers lost 113-109.

And it appears Nas responded as well:

This issue started back in August when the oldest Ball brother said on the season premiere of Ball in the Family that no one listens to Nas anymore and that Migos and Future were “real” hip hop. In October, Lonzo’s trainer was spotted wearing a similar rip-off design of a black T-shirt with Ball’s face on the IWW cover.

Lonzo is not the only Ball recently in the center of controversy. Just last month his younger brother LiAngelo was arrested in China for shoplifting. The news caused even bigger waves when President Trump stepped in to help the Ball family out. Following LiAngelo’s release, Trump and Lonzo's father LaVar got into some beef of their own. It seems like the Ball family would do best to avoid all bad juju, which means young Lonzo might want to ditch the sweatshirt before Lil B catches wind of it.