Though plenty of people have been looking forward to Thursday night's game between the Lakers and Cavs, there's now a little more to get hype for. Remember when LeBron told LaVar Ball to "keep my kids name out of your mouth" this past May? Well, a Cleveland-area kid (above) has asked LeBron "Can you dunk on Lonzo for me?" from a hospital bed, in front of some TV cameras.

As you can see, LeBron seems more than willing to oblige with this particular request. At least if Lonzo doesn't decide to wuss out. As you can also see, @FoxSportsOH went out of their way to tag Lonzo, so he should be aware. Anyway, a kid asking the world's biggest sports star to dunk on someone before it's tweeted out to the masses would appear to be a very appropriate 2017 update to that Babe Ruth hospital kid story that took place over 90 years ago.

TNT didn't pay us for the plug. But we have no problem with saying you should still tune in tonight to see if LeBron comes through.

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