If you follow college football even the slightest bit, you're aware there was some contention this past Sunday when Alabama was placed into the fourth playoff spot ahead of Ohio State, despite the fact that OSU won the Big Ten Championship and Alabama was idle. (Obviously there are more nuances, but that's the gist). Frankly, in my opinion, this season is a perfect example of  four teams being more than enough to decide a legitimate champion, as well as a strong argument for a three-team playoff. But that's not the way the media hive mind works, and instead the debate over who is number four has predictably given way to the tired argument that this whole problem could be solved if we just doubled the postseason to eight teams.

Enter LeBron James, the pride of Ohio, who must be questioned on any and all sports topics and goings-on whenever they arise. On Monday, during the Cavs' shootaround in Chicago, LeBron (who is very, very clearly a Buckeyes fan) endorsed the committees' decision to leave out his favorite team in favor of the Crimson Tide, and also did so without saying we should expand the playoffs (which I personally appreciate).

"It is what it is," he said, according to USA Today"I think the committee, I think they did a great job honestly. Obviously I’m a huge Buckeye fan and we would’ve loved to be in the final four, to be able to compete for a national championship, but there’s never been a two-loss team in the final four, and if you look at the top four teams that made the final four, can you really argue? So we look forward to playing in the Rose Bowl vs. USC."

A quick search on either Google, Twitter or a comment section shows that you can indeed argue over that final spot, however it's just too hard to stan for a squad who got truly embarrassed by an average Iowa team. Sitting it out a year when you might not be ready is better than going and, I don't know, losing by a score of 31-0. Also OSU is actually playing USC in the Cotton Bowl, but we'll cut him some slack since he is a pretty busy person.