Kyrie Irving has spent most of 2017 captivating—and confusing—NBA fans with his thoughts on the Earth. First, he revealed that he believes the Earth is flat. Then, he said that he was just trolling everyone with his flat Earth talk. But then, he went back to his original belief and once against reiterated that he thinks the Earth is flat. It has sparked a lot of controversy among those who have followed Irving’s evolving thoughts on the Earth.

But now, it sounds like Irving is ready to spark a different controversy on a different topic—Christmas. On Thursday night, shortly after the Celtics lost a road game to the Knicks, Irving was asked if he’s looking forward to playing against the Wizards on Christmas Day. Boston and Washington will do battle at TD Garden in front of the Celtics’ fans. It was a simple enough question for Kyrie and should have elicited little more than a "Yup, I’m excited, Christmas Day games are awesome" kind of response. But naturally, Irving went in a totally different direction.

Irving shared his thoughts on Christmas and said he doesn’t really get into the "hoopla" surrounding the holiday. And while that in and of itself wouldn’t have generated many headlines—not everyone loves Christmas—Irving took it a step further and said that he doesn’t even consider Christmas to be a real holiday.

"The hoopla on Christmas, I don’t really get into that," Irving said. "I don’t really necessarily think of Christmas as a holiday."

Irving did go on to say that he looks forward to spending time with his family on Christmas, which seems to suggest that, at the very least, he treats Christmas like a holiday even if he doesn’t consider it one. But isn’t it weird that he doesn’t look at Christmas as being a holiday like everyone else?! Yes—and more than a few NBA fans shared their thoughts on Irving’s strange statement on social media.

We have to believe Irving is just messing with all of us now. That has to be what he’s doing, right? Whatever the case, this guy’s mind is obviously wired a little differently than everyone else’s, and this is just further proof of that.