Due to substance abuse issues, legal problems, and lengthy suspensions, Josh Gordon hadn’t played in the NFL for three years prior to his start against the Chargers last Sunday. But you would never know that by looking at his production on the field through his first two games back in the league this season. The Browns wide receiver recorded four catches for 85 yards last week before catching three passes for 69 yards and a touchdown against the Packers on Sunday. Not bad for a guy who some thought was done in the NFL.

Unfortunately, Gordon’s return hasn’t made much of a difference for Cleveland. They’ve lost both of the games he’s played in to drop to 0-13 on the year, and on Sunday, they lost in heartbreaking fashion by blowing a 21-7 fourth-quarter lead to lose 27-21 in overtime. It was a very Browns moment in a season that’s been filled with more Browns moments than Browns fans can even count.

But despite the loss, Gordon didn’t hesitate to take a shot at a Packers player when he found out that the player had taken a shot at him during a post-game interview. Green Bay cornerback Damarious Randall was asked about playing against Gordon on Sunday following the game, and he slighted the talented receiver by downplaying what Gordon did on the field.

"He had one catch," Randall said. "Any more questions?"

That answer didn’t sit well with Gordon, who fired back at Randall on Monday morning. Gordon saw a tweet that contained Randall’s quote about him, and while he was quick to acknowledge the Packers had beaten the Browns fair and square, he was also quick to point out that it wasn’t necessarily because of Randall.

"Great Win for them but let’s be serious," Gordon wrote. "Considering several of our disadvantages as a team, this kid couldn’t hold my jock strap on my worst day lol…"

Gordon’s words elicited a strong response from Randall. A short time after Gordon sent out his tweet, Randall returned fire by alluding to Gordon’s checkered past and admitted drug use.

"You must be on that shit again," Randall said.

Given the fact that Gordon has talked openly about his struggles with drugs, we doubt he took any serious offense to Randall’s comeback. But Randall is probably lucky he won’t have to face Gordon on the field again. Gordon didn’t exactly torch the Packers, but when you consider how much time he’s missed in recent seasons, he played one hell of a game and looks like he’s going to be a problem for many cornerbacks to handle in the coming seasons if he’s able to stay on the field.

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