Cleveland Browns starting wide receiver Josh Gordon caught a touchdown Sunday. Generally, a member of the 0-13 Browns would have to reenact the opening scene from The Last Boy Scout to make a highlight reel, because the Browns have been objectively trash by every conceivable measure since the NFL resurrected them in 1999. In that time span the team has had two winning seasons and zero playoff wins.

However, this Sunday was a bit different because Gordon returned from nearly four years worth of NFL suspensions last week. The multiple suspensions were largely self-inflicted, as Gordon was suspended for 10 games during the 2015 season before being benched by the NFL for the entire 2016 season.

A 2014 DWI charge left many suspecting the man who led the entire NFL in receiving yards in 2013 despite being suspended for two games was destined to become another talented but perpetually troubled head case. 

So the 18-yard touchdown pass Gordon caught from DeShone Kizer with 4:45 left in the first quarter to give Cleveland a 7-7 tie with Green Bay was kind of a big deal. Not only have we seen an entire Presidential administration and four iPhone models come and go since his last TD, but it looked like Gordon still had the goods. That’s one way to become a trending Twitter topic.

The Browns are still very much a hot mess and a safe bet to go 0-16 this season after losing in overtime Sunday. They recently replaced their general manager and can’t seem to draft or sign a decent starting quarterback to save their life. But for at least a portion of one game there was something that resembled joy in the Browns’ world.