During a conversation he had with ESPN's Ramona Shelburne for a profileJoel Embiid gave a prediction about how he thinks Game of Thrones will end that was not too specific. Well, except for how it pertains to one character:

Joel Embiid has a theory. It's a Game of Thrones theory. He doesn't know anyone with the production team, hasn't read the books the show is based on and isn't active in Reddit chat rooms with the other crazy fans and GoT theorists. But "I've studied the whole show," he says, and it's clear to Embiid that Kit Harington's character, Jon Snow, will not end up on the Iron Throne.

"That's what everybody thinks is going to happen," Embiid says. "But the whole show has been that you don't know what's going to happen. Jon Snow will not be the king."

Unfortunately the GoT talk ends there (though that feels like a fair conclusion based upon that logic). Still, Embiid should have plenty of time to further elaborate (should he care to) in the next year of dead air that fans will have to muscle through before the show comes to its wildly anticipated conclusion. 

While the Thrones talk works as well as anything to get people interested these days, the piece then dives into Embiid (duh) who has become one of the more marketable players in the NBA despite only logging 52 games in his 3+ year career. In it, Joel talks about how he feeds off the crowd (whether it's a positive or negative vibe), his thoughts on trolling (which he continues to tinker in public with great proficiency) and how he models his work ethic on Kobe Bryant's.

Again, he's probably as interesting as any athlete who has missed 80+ percent of his career due to injury. That doesn't read like a compliment, but it is one. So go check it out over at ESPN if/when you feel like it.